He always has adventures to relate, and new lands to describe, our Peter, each time he comes stamping in from the cold and drapes his cloak on the irons next to the fire. Not every traveler goes so far in search of adventure, nor makes the telling of it so magical, nor exclaims quite so loud and long over the many noble qualities of our regular selection of brews. For sure and certain it is the company that draws him, as he makes abundantly plain...but the beer makes the choice that much easier: it validates it, you might say (and he once did, just before launching into a bawdy song about a shepherd, a princess, and the mother of the moon).

This time round Deborah Grabien celebrates Peter's visit by sharing what happened at their last conversation, which was overheard by five opinionated souls of the dark-winged variety; Kathleen Bartholomew weighs in with her thoughts on our Oak King's upcoming batch of tales; some of our regular guests speak up about their favorites among Peter's many works; and the traveler himself takes a moment away from song and drink to speak of the young woman whose remarkable Last Unicorn art he is now championing.

(Truth be told, we had even more events than these planned for this evening's party, but poor weather and stubborn horses have delayed those wagons on the road. When they finally arrive someone's going to have to hold Peter's attention long enough for us to sneak the boxes and banners in past his all-too observant eyes. The task will involve backslapping, braggadaccio, and more than one kind of ale: any volunteers?)

We should remind you about our special editions which are our way of looking at specific writers and other subjects worthy of exploring in-depth. Of course, we've done several editions on master storyteller Peter S. Beagle which you can find thisaway and over 'ere; a great edition on Charles de Lint who's now beginning to set his tales in the desert Southwest; one on the ever fascinting trio of Brian, Toby, and Wendy Froud; naturally we did one on master storyteller J.R.R. Tolkien who is much loved by our staff; and one on a fantastic new storyteller, Catherynne M. Valente who is always worth reading.

Oh, we should mention that every year that we do both best books and best music in which many of the wonderful folks we review 'ere pick their choices of what they liked for that year. And our Editor just reminded me that we did (as if I could 'ave forgotten!) an edition devoted to the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror anthology.

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