A question was raised about our keeping the rights to the reviews we publish. In response to it, we updated our legal statement to allow writers to reprint their reviews under certain limited circumstances. You can see the revised statement on the About GMR page. When we're absolutely certain that we've got it ironed out perfectly, we'll see about updating the legal graphic at the bottom of our reviews.

    Here is the current legal statement:

    "All contents of this site are Copyright 1995-2010 The Green Man Review. All Rights Reserved. Reprints may only be used at the discretion and with express permission of The Green Man Review. To request a reprint, contact Cat Eldridge. Reprints must be accompanied by the following, including the link back to GMR:

    Reprinted with permission from The Green Man Review
    Copyright (year of review) The Green Man Review

    While maybe 30% of our reviews (at a rough guess) are volunteer, the rest of them have in a sense been paid for since the reviewer keeps the review material we send him or her in those cases. Often these are things that don't make it to this country for years to come, also scarce Advance Uncorrected Proofs, occasional signed editions, and sometimes just very nice materials. In those cases, especially, we think we should retain the right to keep the review from appearing in another publication without due credit given to GMR.

    But even in the case of volunteer reviews, we invest a great deal of resources in collaboration with the reviewer. We provide an editor to edit the work, a proofreader to proof it, a copy editor to copy edit it, server space to publish it, artists to brand it w. the appropriate graphics and GMR's reputation, yet another editor to blurb it in the issue in which it appears (also requiring the proofer and copy editor), an indexer to index it, an archivist to archive the issue in which it appears, and occasionally a promoter (the Editor in Chief) to make sure people's attention is drawn to the review -- such as people associated with the art work itself -- artist, publisher, etc.

    Given the investment of so many of our staff and resources in the process that makes a review part of our magazine, we think that even in the case of volunteer reviews, we should be able to keep it from appearing in other publications w/o due credit to GMR.

    We don't mean to keep an author from using his or her own writing on a personal Web site. We only ask that for our part in producing it, we are given the first publication credit by showing our copyright and link.

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