There’s Still Time

To pick up some last-minute New Year’s gifts — take a look at what we’ve got here today.

We start off today with a couple of novels from Iain M. Banks, who comes up with some doozies — as in Surface Detail, a novel of the Culture, in which a sex slave is after revenge . . . → Read More: There’s Still Time

Alastair Reynolds: Troika

As soon as I finished Alastair Reynolds’s latest, the novella Troika, I thought “this would make a great Twilight Zone* episode. Actually, it would probably require a movie-length treatment to tell the story correctly, but you get the idea.

Troika is a first-contact story. It’s also, as it turns out, a time travel story. And . . . → Read More: Alastair Reynolds: Troika


The Revels are a tradition unto themselves. We have a look at them today, first this year’s CD, Strike the Harp, which gives a good idea of this year’s Revels, and then a look at the show (celebration?) itself. the 2012 Revels at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

And if you want to know . . . → Read More: Revels

Hannu Rajaniemi, The Fractal Prince

Have you checked out this new series from Finn-born Edinburgher, Hannu Rajaniemi? Though it was published back in 2010 in the UK, The Quantum Thief only came stateside about one year ago, giving newly converted fans a mercifully short wait for the sequel, which was just released. I think I read the two within three . . . → Read More: Hannu Rajaniemi, The Fractal Prince

And for your reading pleasure . . .

We have books. (Big surprise, that.)

First, let’s see what’s in store in Brandon Sanderson’s The Emperor’s Soul — how do you rebuild an Emperor in 100 days (or less)? Hint: failure is not an option.

Next, an anthology assembled by John Joseph Adams, Epic: Legends of Fantasy, that puts heroic fantasy in a new . . . → Read More: And for your reading pleasure . . .

Kelley Armstrong, Forbidden

Forbidden is essentially connective tissue for Kelley Armstrong’s ongoing Otherworld setting. It’s a handsomely illustrated novella — four images by Angilram complement the text in stark red, black and white. But really, the point of this followup to Frostbitten is to move young, scrappy werewolf Morgan Walsh from the wilds of Alaska to the potentially . . . → Read More: Kelley Armstrong, Forbidden