Saltwater Celtic Music Festival

One of my favorite summer music festivals, the Saltwater Celtic Music Festival, is back for a second, a truly good piece of news! Sleeping Hedgehog has their new press release up now and I will only add that one of the acts I’m looking fears to seeing there is Black 47 whose headlining on one . . . → Read More: Saltwater Celtic Music Festival

Robert J. Sawyer: New Book and Interview

Just ducked over real fast to give you a heads-up: If you don’t know the work of Robert J. Sawyer, get some instant background courtesy of our author interview by J.J.S. Boyce.

As you will soon discover, Sawyer’s new book, Triggers, is now out. Our review of Triggers will give you many, many reasons . . . → Read More: Robert J. Sawyer: New Book and Interview