Celtic Appalachia Along the Crooked Road (Press Release)

Celtic Appalachia: Along the Crooked Road Thursday, March 15 | 8 pm 2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York City

A well-worn fiddle, a tapping cowboy boot, banjo, plucked with steel finger picks, followed by the autoharp, the mandolin, the percussive beat of an upright bass, and suddenly the room is bursting with knee-slapping music. –THE NEW . . . → Read More: Celtic Appalachia Along the Crooked Road (Press Release)

English Piping (A Musical Recommendation)

That’s Northumbrian small pipes playing… Quite tasty eh? No, it’s not Celtic music but rather from Northumbia, the northern most region of England. Yes, I know that it’s influenced by the Scottish smallpipe tradition but it’d uniquely its own music.

I know a album is very good when a musician who that plays that music . . . → Read More: English Piping (A Musical Recommendation)