Horror Anyone?

I’ve pointed out before that tending bar in our Pub leaves me with short periods that I can do some reading in. My preferred reading form is short stories as novels usually don’t lend themselves to reading in bits and pieces.

So I have two recommendations for you that I found worth reading in my usual way of skimming ’till I find something that catches my interest.

First is Joe R. Lansdale edited anthology titled The Horror Hall of Fame: The Stoker Winners which our reviewer found Some Really Good Stuff in but also note that ‘Award winners don’t always age well. It’s true for Best Picture winners, it’s true for Grammy winners, and it can be true for literary award winners. With that in mind, approaching a collection like the Horror Hall of Fame: The Stoker Winners with a fair bit of caution is justified.’

Second is The Book of Cthulhu which was edited by Ross E. Lockhart. It too was one that I found Some Really Good Stuff in but I agree with the cautionary note which was made by the reviewer: ‘The late George Scithers once said that everyone has one Cthulhu Mythos story in them. Whether or not this is the case, there are certainly plenty of folks who believe it, and who won’t stop at one. The result has been a decades-long outpouring of all things tentacle and consonant-laden, to the point where the sheer number of invented Great Old Ones threatens to crowd humanity off earth. The Book of Cthulhu is an attempt to cull through that vast sea of post-Lovecraft circle writing, collecting the best of it in one place. To a certain extent, it succeeds.’

So there you are. Now I see the Pub’s filling up and the nasty weather is resulting in lots of orders for buttered rum, Irish coffee, and mulled hot cider, so I must get back to work.

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