Changing Natures (An Estate Library comment)

I had forgotten that the library here at the Kinrowan Estate was undergoing a partial renovation too until Laith reminded me that this was happening. Now understand that I have no idea exactly what space(s) the library here occupies as no one including any of the Librarians are ever sure. It can be as small as a single cozy room when need be, or so expansive that an entire cloister exists within it. Even it’s location changes — leaded glass windows that looked out on Oberon’s Wood can suddenly be facing a narrow street that appears to be from the late Victorian era complete with fog, street vendors, and even a Bobby strolling along looking for trouble.

How can this be so? It has been suggested that the library is itself a living being which reshapes itself as it pleases, but no one knows for sure. However even if it is living being, it apparently needs the help of the staff here to keep it clean, straighten the stacks, and update the bibliographic indexes, both the printed and digital versions.

What’s being freshened up is the Robert Graves Reading Room as its walls need painting, the chairs re-upolstering, and the fireplace needs a really good scrubbing. Liath thinks that this Reading Room in its present form dates back to when the Mabinogion was first being written down, with the last true cleaning being between the Wars. Not that she’d say which Wars she was referring to…

So lets leave the staff to their work and repair to the Pub for a taste of the cyser on tap…

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