The Gruagagh

Mucking about in the Archives this afternoon resulted in a nice look at how a folk motif can change over time. Take the matter of a Gruagach…

We reviewed a double CD set of Robin Williamson’s Four Gruagach Tales. As our reviewer says, ‘Some may be asking ‘What, pray tell, is a gruagach?’ In many . . . → Read More: The Gruagagh

Rat Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)

Oh, the tale I was going to tell? It concerns the Rat Fiddlers…

The staff is engaged in a discussion to name the group that the Rat Fiddlers are thinking of putting together — medieval music with small pipes, hurdy gurdy, and fiddles.

Who are these Rat Fiddlers, you ask? And why haven’t I heard . . . → Read More: Rat Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)

Biting Dog Press: new digital publications (Press Release)

Three titles by masters of the genre!   Now available as e-books, three titles by masters of the genre Neil Gaiman and Jack Ketchum: “Snow, Glass, Apples” and “Murder Mysteries” by Gaiman, and “Transformed Mouse” by Ketchum.   Originally published as extremely limited collectible editions, these books are now available in a beautiful and affordable . . . → Read More: Biting Dog Press: new digital publications (Press Release)

Words: Stories and Scripts

I don’t really need to comment on our first offering as our reviewer did a far better job of doing so than I ever could. ‘I don’t think I’m alone in thinking of “dark fantasy” as a sort of combination of urban fantasy and horror: vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, and less pleasant creatures confronting more . . . → Read More: Words: Stories and Scripts

Words: Four Very Different Novels

Four very different novels are offered up for your consideration this outing.

Lev Grossman’s The Magicians is a tale of what happens when happily ever after turns out not be quite all that it should be. The Magician King is his terrific follow-up to this 2009 novel and you can look for our review of . . . → Read More: Words: Four Very Different Novels

Zina Lee on Jane Yolen

Over a few pints of Guinness, I asked Zina what her favorite Jane Yolen tale was and why so. Here’s her answer:

I’ve so many favorite Yolen stories and I am so grateful to her for them all, but I suppose that right now my favorite is ‘Briar Rose’, her re-telling of Sleeping Beauty within . . . → Read More: Zina Lee on Jane Yolen