Some music for a late summer afternoon

Yes, I know that we have done an entire issue on Nordic music which gives you a smorgasbord of listening possibilities, but these two recordings, both of which have a Nordic element to them, are well-worth your listening time. And who doesn’t enjoy learning about new music of interest? Certainly not you or I!

Ruthie Dornfeld’s Duets Abroad and Nils Olof Söderbäck and Peter Michaelsen’s Kvarnresan get a long and loving review review from our staffer who has heard hour upon hour of tradition music but learned with these two recordings a fresh lesson: ‘These CDs taught me to listen before passing judgment.  My initial impression of them when I got them for review was honestly less than enthusiastic.  Both are acoustic, traditional, self-published, and packaged in very unassuming cardboard cases.  On my first listen, using them as background while I did other tasks, I remember being quite pleasantly surprised at their quality and charm.  On my second listen, when I was writing notes for this review, I found myself even more favorably impressed.’

Read her full review here.

You can visit Ruthie thisaway; Nils Olof Söderbäck and Peter Michaelsen don’t apparently have a meaningful web presence but you can order their CD here.

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