I’m back, and I’ve got all sorts of different things for you today.

Books — we have books. (Well, we pretty much always have books, but still. . . .)

We have another one of those might be thriller, might be sf, might be. . . ? Iain M. Banks continues his Culture series with Surface Detail — what happens when peace breaks out?

We mentioned a few days ago a book inspired by Arthur C. Clark’s Tales from the White Hart. It only seemed reasonable come up with a review of the original, which we’ve done.

From Alastair Reynolds, we have Troika, one of those science-fiction stories that cobbles together all kinds of themes into a really good book.

Our reviewer had eagerly been waiting for the next installment in Glen Cook’s Instrumentalities of the Night, and it finally appeared. Check out our review of Surrender to the Will of the Night to see if it was worth the wait.

And music — we pretty much always have music, too. We have a look at an artist from Niger, Bombino’s Agadez — some good guitar work, we’re told.

And to finish up, we have a new — and very interesting project from Jon Anderson (you do remember Yes, don’t you?): Survival and Other Stories.

And that’s it for today. But don’t worry — we’ll be back soon.

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