A Little Miscellany

Well, yes and no — I’m here doing a substitute gig for your regular posters, and I have to admit, what I mean by “miscellany” at Sleeping Hedgehog is not what I mean my “miscellany” here. However . . . .

We’ve got books, which is pretty normal. We’re starting off with a collection of the late Joan Aiken’s short fiction, The Monkey’s Wedding and Other Stories, which looks like a good thing for those of you intrigued by slipstream/interfiction or the otherwise unclassifiable.

From one of the masters of the unclassifiable, China Miéville, comes something that looks like science fiction, but . . . check out our review of Embassytown to see for yourself.

We also have a tribute, of sorts, to Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s Tales from the White HartFables from the Fountain, edited by Ian Whates and containing contributions from a number of writers. (The Fountain, if you’re wondering, is a bar. Of course.)

And of course we have music. Let’s start off with some not-quite-traditional — or maybe I mean “multitraditional” — fiddling from Giles Lewin, The Armchair Orienteer. Sounds intriguing, no?

And since we’re heading down the road toward traditional music, let’s finish off today’s offerings with a look at Eilean mo Ghaoil: The Music of Arran, which looks tailor-made for fans of Celtic music looking for something new.

That’s it for today, but fear not: I’m advised by the powers that be that from now, new reviews will be appearing sooner and in smaller, more easily digestible batches. So hurry back.

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