Poor Dead Jack

No, not our Jack.

Reynard here. I got drafted by Jack to write these notes this outing as he and the other musicians in the building are celebrating a new band that Bela, our resident Balkan violinist, formed this week. Now I admit that the composition of the various bands and the names of bands here can be confusing — I’m seen, to name but three bands that have called this place home down the centuries, the Painted Ladies and Their Gentlemen, the New St. Georgians, and Little Beggar Girls and Boys!

What’s interesting about this band, Shades of Grey, is that Bela and the other musicians claim that one of the musicians is the poor street fiddler whose name might have been Jack that ran afoul of the law around the time that John Gay was penning The Beggar’s Opera. Fatally afoul of the law and hung from the Oaks outside the Pub here, as the present Jack sadly notes. Supposedly hung on the spot where the Neverending Session plays in the Pub. Certainly the players say that there’s a cold, haunting presence there, but musicians have lively imaginations. Bela claims he’s a bleedin’ good fiddler, so why not let him play?

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