A Summer Story from Peter S. Beagle

Midsomer, as it is sometimes called by our more trad minded staff, is upon us which means that Peter S. Beagle, one of our revered Oak Kings, has a story called ‘Mr. McCaslin’  for us.

Oh, you want to know what Peter’s tale is about? A fortnight ago, Peter told me in the Pub over Imperial pints of properly served Young’s Double Chocolate Stout that it’s ‘Another Bronx neighborhood story — I may do all four like that, if nobody minds. At first I thought it was going to be about a were-cocker spaniel…but stories have minds of their own, in the end, and while there’s still a dog and an old man in the version I finished and recorded, they aren’t at all the same dog and old man I originally sat down to write about. Memory and the creative subconscious, which I am deliberately mingling here, came up with something altogether more interesting.’ Oh, cool!

You can hear Peter tell his story here.

This is posted here and at Sleeping Hedgehog.

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