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It is no less or more rationale to believe in ghosts and other things that go bump in the night that it is to believe in an Old Man who allowed His Son to be killed for our sins. (My sins are my own business and no one else’s! Now pass that bottle along.) Urban fantasy takes the idea of gods and demons, werewolves, vampires, zombies, and damn near anything else you care to think of and drops them into a city setting.

The best ones draw heavily upon their setting to create a noirish atmosphere in which weird things happening are just part of the warp and weave of the fabric of that city.

So let’s see what we have this time…

The latest two in a San Franciso based series makes good use of that landscape as does a novella set in a London far darker than that of the Harry Potter universe. I’ve read both series from beginning to their current novels and recommend both strongly!

Next up is a Fallen Angel working now as a PI in Boston, Massachusetts. I personally found the series boring and not terribly good at making use of the city it’s set in, but our reviewer, like most reviewers, found the latest novel quite good.

A New York City based series finds our reviewer quite liking the latest entry the series as both the characters and the use of the setting is perfectly done.

London is very popular place for somewhat obvious reasons to set these sort of series so let’s note the first two books in a new series get raves from our reviewer and another series with a London Met officer who discovers Things Do Go Bump in The Night also gets a rave review. The latter two books are both in my overflowing reading pile.

The fifth book in a series with strong Urban Fantasy overtones is generally well liked by our reviewer but his commentary does note that it has some structural problems the author needs to address, i.e. If the girlfriend of the narrator cannot be killed by forces Good or Evil, how do you build suspense in a fight scene? This series is by one of my favorite authors who has three urban fantasy series that are set in the same London.

A second entry in a paranormal romance series (which begs the question of what you call a bodice ripper with ghostly overtones) is a tad generic as goes this genre but was generally entertaining according to our reviewer. So if you like bodice tippers and things that do you know what, check this review out.

Our next novel takes place in a city that doesn’t exist in our universe but I think qualifies as an urban fantasy none the less. And it features a zombie PI to boot. Cool, very cool!

Looking for short stories to read for those times when a novel is just too much hassle? One of our very favorite editors has a forthcoming anthology of urban fantasies that sounds quite quite, and she also has a forthcoming anthology of supernatural noir which fits our theme this time well.

We wrap up this post with an anthology of occult detectives that has many a fine story in it.

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