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There’s a difference between getting money for what you do and doing it for money. If you don’t do it for love, or because you think it needs doing, get out and let somebody else do it. If nobody else does it, maybe that means it shouldn’t be done. — Emma Bull’s Bone Dance

Iain’s off working on our special edition of all things Emma Bull which will run in a few months here which is why I got drafted to do these notes. Or at least that’s what he said that he was doing. I have my suspicions that he’s off in the Pub sampling the Spring Ales.

After a long winter which seemed never to end, I am quite overjoyed to say that the winter in this North Atlantic city has more or less ended. Even the massively built white-bearded gent, sitting in the Pub late one evening sipping on a particularly fine drink he was enjoying and chuckling to himself while he read the Hill House edition of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, said he was tired of winter and his ancient bones were looking forward to spring. He added that indeed his drink was fine for taking the chill from those bones, but the warm sun of spring was better at making one as old as he feel just a bit younger. Reynard, in sympathy, poured him ‘nother hot spiced braggot on the house.

We have a nifty mix of words and music this edition. How about a little history in a musical form? Check out this look at Jacobite history told in song; for something more recent, this recording gives you a musical lesson in Appalachian history; and this Canadian artist can always be counted on for a bit of history in his songs.

Yet more music is offered up for your pleasure including Scottish piping here and thisaway that in both cases is done very well, an Irish duo that always is worth hearing, and an American singer-songwriter duo that is a favourite here among our staff.

Books looked at this time including the fifth volume of nine or ten volumes of short stories from a master of Science Fiction; two works that span horror, steampunk, and Western motifs; and a collection of atmospheric horror stories.

That should keep you busy until our next post in a week!

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