It’s Spring!

The Spring ale is flowing freely, the Neverending Session is in the Courtyard enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, and there’s a lot of rather randy sounds coming from Oberon’s Wood.

So why the bloody fuck would we expect anyone to write reviews under these conditions? I certainly wouldn’t! Nor would I expect the editorial staff to be staying cloistered in their offices heads bent over drafted reviews with editing pens in hand when the fun can heard from those offices? I think not!

Instead I’m going to direct you to our Charles de Lint edition as he and his lovely wife MaryAnn have just released two albums of lively music which is some of the best you’ll ever hear!

So if you are not acquainted with his fiction, it’s high time that you did so!

Why you should is simple — his fiction from early novels like The Little Country and Moonheart to his long running Newford series are full of musicians and music of both human and fey nature.

So go read his edition, then come join us in the Courtyard for ale, music, dancing, and conversation.

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