Spring Music

Me, your generally friendly fiddler, is here as Iain, our sometimes grumpy Librarian, is off not being grumpy as he’s quite happily assisting Bjorn, our gregarious Brewmaster, with deciding which of the trial ales will be the featured one for this Spring. That means his mind is definitely not at all thinking about commenting on . . . → Read More: Spring Music

The Firebird and Other Tales

A rainy, windy day… a roaring fireplace… And a new novel using Russian myths by a superb writer. Sounds perfect to me!

Over on Sleeping Hedgehog recently, we looked at a most extraordinary website. In that post I noted that I had been been re-reading and immensely enjoying her Orphan’s Tales (In the Night Garden . . . → Read More: The Firebird and Other Tales

Words and Music

Myself, Bela, and one of the piping Jills are, over a few pints of a particulary good Hungarian ale by the name of Szalon Barna which I got in here for the Pub, discussing the excellent selection of music and books reviewed this edition. So sit, grab a bottle of this excellent ale, and join . . . → Read More: Words and Music

Alan Garner: The Owl Service

Kim Bates wrote this review.

This is a magical book, and the finest of Garner’s young adult novels. Now, a lot of people associate magic with ethereal forces, great quests and spells and all that, and indeed spells can be found in several of Garner’s other books. The Owl Service reveals a different kind of . . . → Read More: Alan Garner: The Owl Service