For Your Listening Pleasure: Nordic Music

If you like Nordic music as much as I do, I have a cool online resource for you that’s definitely worth your time. NorthWaves is one of the regional ‘channels’ that RootsWorld offers its readers to listen to the world’s music. This program of songs from northern Europe is added to regularly, and currently includes music from Gjallarhorn, Spontaani Vire, Alwa, Goran Mansson, Faerd, Yggdrasil, Majorstuen, Ilgi, Pauliina Lerche and many more. This is just one of the channels offered in their Roots Radio section. Others include Radio Radici (Italy), Radio De las Raíces (Spain), and EarRadio (the ‘outside and avant garde’), as well as the globe-hopping main program, Roots Radio.)

Of course, cdRoots which is the sister site of Rootsworld is your best source for Nordic CDs this side of an extensive trip through the Nordic countries drinking beer, eating open faced herring sandwiches, and catching the bands live to buy their recordings.

They are both run by Cliff Furnald, and should be on your reading list as they have some of the coolest reviews and music to be found anywhere. Both are primarily a world and roots music magazine which means that Cliff cover everything from the latest Balkan fusion band to the coolest of Nordic groups. In depth articles on groups that are covered nowhere else are another strong feature of this zine.

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