Words and more words

Fireplace roaring? Yes. A driving snow rattling the windows? Indeed it is. Overstuffed chair big enough for both of us to curl up in? Of course! Wool blanket to put over our laps so we can snuggle properly? Indeed. And are there feline companions to curl up in with us? Of course. So what shall we read, my love?

Folk here have been reading and making comments about what they read since the First Folio was printed. I remember one harsh reaction to a reviewer here regarding a Rackham illustrated book in which she noted that the wonderful illustrations should have been published sans the awful translation of the stories of the Brothers Grimm!

Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories would be a good place to start reading if, errrr, you think we might get distracted. And dark fantasy writer Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars collection is definitely good for reading out loud while cuddling as would be another wonderful collection from King.

Or we could read Elizabeth Bear’s The White City of its vampires and steampunk setting, the latter of which is akin to the setting of Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel.

Or perhaps check out Glen Cook’s The Many Deaths of the Black Company (an omnibus of the novels Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live) which brings us up to date on his long-running fantasy military series.

For a change of pace, I see reviews of two of Jasper Fforde’s Nursery Crimes mysteries set in an England that never was, The Big Over Easy and The Fourth Bear. Should I mention the detective here is Jack Spratt? For more silliness, we could read Ken Harmon’s The Fat Man, a Christmas Noir mystery.

Ohhhhh, a Peter S. Beagle novella! Need I say that the reviewer really loved Return? And we will as well. Alas I see that Robert Silverberg’s The Last Song of Orpheus did not fare nearly as well with that reviewer.

I’m not really much of a Science Fiction fan but I must the review of Greg Bear’s Hull Zero Three makes it sound quite good!

So snuggle in even closer to me and I’ll read to you till the dawn light so the cats can keep sleeping in our laps…

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