A Pub Tale

Evening, I’m your host this late evening.

What’s your pleasure? Ale? Cider? Metheglin? Whisky? Buckdancers Choice you say? Good — So let me get you a Caife Gaelac made with freshly brewed Blue Mountain and a splash of an aged single malt as it’s bloody cold out there with the sleet and rain we’re . . . → Read More: A Pub Tale

The Fantastical London: A Reading List

London aka The Big Smoke has been a setting for many a fine urban fantasy as the real city blends well with the fantastical elements that novelists add to that reality. What follows is my list of urban fantasies set in that city that are I think are well-worth your reading time.

The best known . . . → Read More: The Fantastical London: A Reading List

Storytellers and Their Tales

Not surprisingly, folk and fairy tales have been popular for as long as there have been folk on this Estate. Digging into the Archives, I found this piece in which a number of folk say what their favourite one is.

Oh, you want to know my favourite? It’s actually a tale spun by master . . . → Read More: Storytellers and Their Tales

The Day the Music Didn’t Die

‘I prefer my history dead. Dead history is writ in ink, the living sort in blood.’ — A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin

Despite what Martin says in A Feast for Crows, no history is ever dead so long as someone, somewhere ‘members it and tells others about it. Same’s true of . . . → Read More: The Day the Music Didn’t Die

Words and more words

Fireplace roaring? Yes. A driving snow rattling the windows? Indeed it is. Overstuffed chair big enough for both of us to curl up in? Of course! Wool blanket to put over our laps so we can snuggle properly? Indeed. And are there feline companions to curl up in with us? Of course. So what shall . . . → Read More: Words and more words